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Monday, January 14, 2008

Poem by a friend

For J.L Borges
by Kimberly M. King rsj
c MperiodPress

Lullaby, hullabloo
fandango, frisbee, and kazoo!
Addiss Ababa, Walla Walla
hoedown, flapjacks, hoot and holler

One if by land, thar she blows!
Jumpin' jimminey, Geronimo!
Heads-Up, stiff upper lip
if they're loose, they sink the ship.

Holey moley, holy cow,
Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou?
Testy, touchy, cross and cranky...
wallow, snivel, pass the hanky.

Gherkins, salami, proscuitto, gnocchi,
Ponchartrain, Atchafalaya, Okefenokee.

Zesty, zippy, energized
iris, vermillion, sunset skies.

Joy, bliss, revelry...
to set words free, our destiny.

Shiver, challenge, rhythm, beat,
feel the vibe, script your feet.

Pen, page, word, proclaim
living, creative, never the same.

Let it loose, go with the heart.
Taste them, touch them, words are art

that swoops and startles
that gleams and laughs
with ripples deep as glory
with trailing scarves 
diaphanous and suggesting.

The well-trained tongue gives shape
to the stories of
the image and likeness
of God.

It lifts the words from the page

where they are

with delight

to become

--Kimberly M. King--

cMperiod Press

1 comment:

Barbara B. said...

That is GREAT!!! I love it!