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Friday, January 11, 2008

Friday Five: Las Mañanitas

Friday Five: Las Mañanitas
Éstas son las mañanitas These are the morning verses
Que cantaba el Rey David, That King David used to sing,
A las muchachas bonitas To the beautiful young ladies,
Se las cantaba así. He would sing them like this.

1. When is your birthday? Does anyone else (famous and/or in your own life) share it?

1978 Louise Brown (first test tube baby) I though I was the one?
1967 Matt Le Blanc (actor) I've got a friend- albeit a goofy one
1955 Iman (model)
1945 Donna Theodore (singer)
1943 Janet Margolin (actress)
1943 Jim McCarty (musician, songwriter)
1935 Barbara Harris (actress)
1934 Don Ellis (musician)
1924 Estelle Getty (actress) my own golden girl
1902 Eric Hoffer (political, social philosopher, author)
1894 Walter Brennan (actor, singer)
1844 Thomas Eakins (realist painter)
1795 James Barry, female disguised as a man, surgeon general, British army ( my favorite)

2. Do you prefer a big party or an intimate celebration for the chosen few?
Depends on the state of mind and the birthday. My 60th is coming up in two years, maybe a big party for that, but usually a chosen (very few) in a nice restaurant.

3. Describe your most memorable birthday(s)--good, bad, or both.
 (Least favorite)Well my 7th birthday was in the hospital having my tonsils out-they wouldn't stop bleeding and it turned out to be a 7 day affair-and this happened:
"It was Wednesday, July 25th 1956. At 11:10pm on a dark and foggy night, two great ocean liners, T/N Andrea Doria and MV Stockholm, collided near Nantucket, Massachusetts." Yes, the Andrea Doria sunk and my mother read the paper to me. It seemed huge, like the Titanic! We were of Italian origin on that side and I guess it made quite an impression.
(Most favorite) For my 16th birthday, my sister, not by blood, took my on a three week trip to California. We landed in San Francisco meeting her Aunt and Uncle. We took a walk around downtown and saw a cable car. Carmel and I impulsively jumped on, the thinking better of it, she jumped off, I didn't have time and the car started moving. I didn't know our host's last names or where we were staying- yikes. They frantically followed by car. Finally they were able to jump on and pull me off. I was a real hick, having lived my life in small town Ohio and this trip was really eye opening. Wow, Harry Belafonte at the Hollywood Bowl, and a trip down US! to Monterey. I wish I could do it again knowing what I know now. Thanks again, Carmel.

4. What is your favorite cake and ice cream? (Bonus points if you share the cake recipe). Or would you rather have a different treat altogether?
Either Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Frosting with vanilla ice cream or Yellow cake with Chocolate Frosting with Chocolate or Vanilla Ice Cream. No recipe...who bakes their own b'day cake!

5. Surprise parties: love 'em or hate 'em?
Never had one, but love to throw them.

Bonus: Describe your ideal birthday--the sky's the limit.
Ok, well if the sky's the limit, I'd take a few select cousins and my 89 y/o aunt to a fabulous location, one that doesn't require too much flying-going to be 90 this summer-and eat and be merry in that family way. Actually, we're planning my mother's last siblings (out of 6) 90th birthday this August 16th. After a lifetime of being afraid of bridges, tunnels and such, in her 80's, Aunt Julie has become a world traveler, going to Alaska, Italy, Mexico, on a cruise down the Danube and other places. She is a renaissance woman and I love her!


Sally said...

well played- I too prefer small gatherings.

Lorna said...

I bake my own cake every year :) chocolate with chocolate frosting and fresh whipped cream inside. GREAT with ice cream too - but have to wait until (the end of!) November for mine!

Anonymous said...

hope your august trip is filled with relaxation... and merry-making!

LawAndGospel said...

May you never have another birthday like your 7th. May you live to be 90 and travel the world with abandon!

Mother Laura said...

What incredible stories! And I hope the 90th birthday celebration is fantastic.

Hedwyg said...

Mmmmm... reading about everybody's birthday cakes is making me HUNGRY! I think I have a marble cake mix in my cupboard. It may get baked this weekend. :-)

Happy Friday!

Sue said...

A 16 year old in California. Birthdays don't get much better than that, do they??

Jan said...

It's nice to know that we are almost the same age! FYI, I always bake homemade cakes, except for my own birthday. It used to be traditional that my kids could choose any recipe they wanted and I'd bake it for their birthdays. I remember one with lots of variations, slid off the plate onto the floor. There's a very funny picture of us all looking at it!

RevDrKate said...

WOW, the 16th BD adventure was amazing! Great bonus. Your Aunt sounds like a treasure.