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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Back to Work on Monday

I've been out since 12/2/07. I feel a little anticipatory anxiety, but I spoke to my DOM (state speak for District Office Manager) and ADOM (Assistant-and direct supervisor) and they seem giddy with relief. I guess I should take this as a good sign.

Saturday is my 9th anniversary with NY State, a good thing as I'm totally out of all sick time, vacation time and various times and on one's anniversary, one gets 5 personal days-yay. So I'm not broke, time wise.

I just had my T-Tube pulled out yesterday. I was my last piece of hardware and when it was removed, I flew around the room, backward-not really. Actually, there was not paid. Apparently, the small incision will take a few weeks to heal, so if anyone at work is mean to me, I can just flash it!

So, wish me luck

1 comment:

Barbara B. said...

Yes, giddy is a good sign!
Good luck back at work!

(Cute cartoon!)