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Friday, December 28, 2007

An "Auld Lang Syne" Friday Five

Thinking back on memorable things both good and bad for 2007 here are the ones I came up with:

1. The first was a promotion that came at the end of 2006 and started at the first of 2006. I work for state government and a promotion involves a test, than group interviews and usually a transfer that has the opening. So with all that I moved my office from Manhattan to Brooklyn and became a senior counselor and that made me very happy, and continued to be challenging and interesting and fun through the year.

2. In March, the Beloved and I went to the south of Italy and had a wonderful time. It was my first time in the country of my mothers ancestors and it was everything I expected and more. We had the best time! The country is so beautiful. My grandfather was a farmer/grocer etc. and I could see from the agriculture of the country where my grandfather got the beautiful way of planting. It looked familiar to me and I'm from Ohio! Plus the art, the food, the architecture, the, the ,the...

3. In the summer, my world traveling god-child and her Ghanese (sp) husband settled in Brooklyn (where he is doing his residency), therefore giving me a chance to spend actual face time with her rather than on the fly visits from far flung destinations like Turkey or Taiwan!

4. In September I got a fever w/dx as Hep A, which turned out to be the most complicated gall stones on the face of the earth. I said enough about this in previous posts!

5.The Beloved's father passed away. We're preparing for the funeral on Sunday-I won't be going due to my ongoing recuperation, but BL is on her way to Florida.

God Moments? Participating in Mass with Victoria Rue and seeing God in a Woman. Seeing the land of my fore mothers and fathers. Bonding with my Catholic Lesbians and realizing that I can be gay and Catholic and accepted in some churches. Meditating and finding peace. Meeting all of you swell Rev Gals who give me support in many ways, but in particular, by sharing your lives. Thank you.


Mary Beth said...

So sorry about Beloved's dad. I am just catching up.

Glad your recovery progresses; glad I know you!

revabi said...

You are right you have had some ups and downs. So sorry to hear about your Beloved's father's death. Prayers for the grief.

And praying for you continued recovery, what an aweful time you have had.

revhipchick said...

have you learned how to cook any Ghanese dishes yet? so glad you had a real visit with them.

you've had quite the year--many blessings for 2008

Barbara B. said...

Thanks for visiting my blog -- I'm so glad to have now discovered yours!!
GREAT picture, and I am sorry to hear about Beloved's dad.

Jan said...

Picture, too! Thank you. I'm sad about Beloved's loss of her dad. Glad you have each other. Hope you are feeling better. Peace.

"PS" (a.k.a. purple) said...

The trip sounds fantastic. Glad you were able to go. Death is changes us and more so at the holiday time. Prayers.

mompriest said...

ok, so were dx w/Hep A but it was gall stones, of the really awful no hep A....?I hope I got that right...isn't that a weird mixed blessing?

continued prayers...for BL and you...Italy sounds awesome!

Blessings for 2008.

Sue said...

So sorry for your loss. I like your God moment, but in truth I wish that instead of being "accepted in some churches" was actually "accepted." Period. I live in hope for the day that all churches will live up to the gospel call to simply love. Without judgment, without condition. Just love.

Diane said...

prayers of comfort for you and Beloved, and prayers of rejoicing that you are finding places of love and acceptance, esp. here.

Certified Healing Coach said...

I like your God moments!

The ongoing revelation that I can be both gay and Christian is a magnificent blessing to me as well!

Hope your recovery goes smoothly.

Sorry to hear about your Beloved's father.


Mother Laura said...

So glad about all the breakthroughs and joys of the year--especially about the good and holy gift of your orientation and mass with Victoria Rue--isn't she great? We went to the same convent school (years apart) and so did one other RCWP, Juanita Cordero. Feminist nuns rock!