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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Five Days to Provincetown!

We're going to Provincetown, MA for vacation. We were thinking of another place, but we went last year and I was sick, so I couldn't enjoy the beach, the walks, the natural beauty, the seafood, our friends. Mostly I enjoyed the inside of our-very nice-room. Sigh. So, we're going back and I'm staying far away from anyone with a hint of anything slightly contagious at the office, Although that's kind of difficult as I'm meeting new people every day.
I love Provincetown because for a few days the demographics are reversed and we are living in a world where it is normal to see woman walking hand in hand with other women and men walking hand in hand with other men. No one stares. On a little spit of sand in the Atlantic we have found a home.

1 comment:

will smama said...

Sounds lovely. Please take deep breathes of sand and ocean for me.